Recommending An Inspector

It is no great surprise that a majority of home buyers turn first to their realtor for a recommendation of a qualified home inspector.  Who you recommend is important in several ways other than the obvious one of ensuring a thorough inspection.  Ask yourself

  • How well does the inspector interact with your valued clients and how does this reflect on you?  Does he have the appearance of a professional? Does he handle himself in a professional manner?  Does he take the time to talk to your clients and patiently answer their questions? 
  • Unfortunately we live in a very litigious society.  The fact is that if a home inspector is sued by a client over an inspection issue, the realtor is often named in the suit.  All the more reason for you to recommend an experienced, thorough inspector who will issue a well-written report.
  • Does the inspector provide post-inspection support?  Is he ready and willing to answer your client’s questions and serve as their consultant even long after the report has been issued?

Pre-Listing Inspections

It is a fact that many home sellers are not aware of the concept of a pre-listing inspection.  Making them aware and recommending a pre-listing inspection will show them just how much you have their best interests in mind and reflect well on you, even if they decide not to follow through.  Here are six reasons why a pre-listing inspection is advantageous to both you and your client:

  1.   It enhances the appearance and marketability of the home
  2.   It helps you set a more accurate selling price
  3.   It eliminates those last minute deal-breaking issues, saving all involved both time and money
  4.   It gives you more time to find acceptable and affordable remedies for problems found
  5.   It lessens the leverage that a buyer has during negotiations
  6.   It shows the buyer that your client is honest and wants a smooth transaction