Virtual Inspection Tour 300x165What is a Home Inspection?

In general terms, a home inspection is a limited visual and operational inspection of the readily accessible major components of a house, conducted by a qualified individual following recognized home inspection standards of practice, for the purpose of providing a professional and unbiased opinion as to the condition of the inspected elements.

To expand further on this: a home inspection consists of a visual inspection of certain readily accessible house components including the roof, structure, electric, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems, as well as the built-in major appliances.  It also includes an operational evaluation of certain components of the electric, plumbing, and mechanical systems, and representative windows and doors, as well as an evaluation of the home’s exterior and site conditions.  To better understand the specific elements of our inspection report, please click on the  “Sample Report”  link on the menu at the top of this page.

The definition only covers part of the service that we provide our clients.  We also serve as educators and consultants, routinely answering questions about their prospective house, providing basic instruction on the operation of its components and offering preventive maintenance tips. For more information on the areas that your certified ASHI inspector inspects when performing an inspection click on the virtual inspection tour image above for a overview.


What a Home Inspection Is NOT

It is also important for all parties involved in a real estate transaction to understand what a home inspection is not.  It is not :

  • A technically exhaustive evaluation
  • A Code compliance inspection
  • An engineering analysis of the structure or any other component
  • A geological survey
  • An energy audit
  • An appraisal or marketability analysis
  • An environmental analysis
  • An inspection to meet insurance requirements
  • A guarantee or insurance policy
  • A buy/no buy recommendation

To better understand what is not included in a standard home inspection, please see the “Inspection Agreement”.

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